Preservation (cont.)

We have worked to enhance and modernize the legal hold process for our mature clients and helped them to improve their process to make them more compatible with their current environment as well as develop, from scratch, programs for those clients who do not currently have one in place.

Additionally, our team can work with you to devise a program for managing and reusing preserved data for different matters so that you’re not paying to collect and process the same data over and over.

Once processes are deployed, we can help with the implementation of these policies. As an example, we can assist the internal IT team in catching up on data preservation from systems previously assigned to exiting employees; tracking these collections; and integrating the data into the client data repository for current or future use.

Not all clients require all of these services and we can help with whatever your need is. Contact us if you would like to chat about your needs related to litigation readiness and data preservation – we’d love to hear about your challenges and what we can do to assist.

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