Data solutions tailored for corporate legal departments.

Understanding Corporate Requirements

We help the enterprise manage data. Whether that’s related to litigation, HR, data security, or the evolving best practices of information governance, we have solutions to help.

Data Breach
Swiftly identify breach sources, analyze for PII, and notify parties to prevent reputation damage.

Litigation Hold
Implementation of solutions to ensures the preservation of relevant documents and data for potential litigation or regulatory matters.

Development of processes to ID confidential information that was inadvertently brought over from previous employers

Data Repository
When you are involved a serial litigation cycle, re-using data and work product can create some interesting and effective cost and time savings.

Disputes & Investigations
HR and the management of data exfiltration that align with the highest corporate governance standards.

Employee Exit Program
Capture and preserve all data related to a termed employee with a complete forensic image. Repurpose assets and ensure confidentially isn’t breached.

Legal data:

Managed at scale.

Data Breach

Corporate response to a data breach needs to be immediate and thorough. 

Anything less can lead to reputation damage and that’s not a cost worth risking. When your enterprise has been breached, it is imperative that the breached sources are identified and analyzed for PII and, if PII is present, parties are notified and mitigation is begun asap.
We have the expertise required to rapidly ingest, process, and categorize datasets, facilitating the swift identification of files housing PII. Leveraging advanced terminology, proprietary tools, and custom workflows, we meticulously refine and minimize the extraction dataset with efficiency and precision.

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