The most essential quality in modern review is management. A well-managed review runs like clockwork and a disorganized review barely runs at all. 

Allow for agile adaptation

All too often a single, often wildly expensive, option is presented. We don’t do it that way. Sometimes a simple option is better, sometimes you need all the bells and whistles. It really depends on the case. 

In the contemporary landscape of document review, flexibility emerges as a crucial element, playing a pivotal role in the effective management of diverse legal challenges. Embracing flexibility means being equipped to respond quickly to emerging information, adjusting strategies as needed, and ensuring that the document review process remains dynamic and responsive to the nuanced intricacies of each legal scenario.

When it comes to managed review, experience is crucial to making informed decisions. Not just experience in performing review but experience creating workflow and review protocols outlining all levels of the project. Managing and monitoring the accuracy and progress of both reviewers and the project is key to ensuring that accuracy is maintained and deadlines are met. Our promise is simple, you’ll know where your project stands at any given moment.

Decision Log Graphic


Our team will work with you to design progress reports and delivery schedules that suit your needs.


Decision logs are available within the platform to provide quick access to any questions which may arise. This allows you to easily follow up with answers or additional questions.

Our policies

We believe that an informed client is the best client, so we make sure ours are.

Our teams will provide you with daily, weekly, and monthly reports outlining all of the relevant information you need to understand where your project stands. You’ll have all the metrics you need to see that it’s on track for a timely completion.

Daily, weekly, & monthly reports that are easy to understand.

A typical 15 minute response time keeps everything moving.

Transparent decision logs that are easy to access, anytime.

Custom reports because everyone wants to see their data differently. 

With experience

comes insight. knowledge. clarity.