We’re a specialist eDiscovery and analytics firm. We serve discerning clients looking for better service, more expertise, and true flexibility. 

Only what you need

eDiscovery has many moving parts and we’re experts in all of them. We have the experience to help advise you on exactly what you need and more importantly, what you don’t.

Our Certifications

We’re a Relativity shop. It’s the industry standard software, and for good reason. 

Relativity expertise is crucial for efficient eDiscovery, enabling professionals to manage large volumes of digital data, streamline workflows, and make informed decisions during legal proceedings.


Stability. In our opinion, the best thing about Relativity is the stability it provides to the industry. It allows our team to gain more and more fluency with a single platform, and that translates to better results.

Familiarity. Given the ubiquity of the platform, we’ve found that users rarely require training, and if they do, that training is minimal. This allows projects to ramp up quickly and without delay.  

Expertise. A true Relativity expert doesn’t just run the program, they are able to bend the software to their will, making it do precisely what is required for each individual matter. Brilliant.

With experience

comes insight. knowledge. clarity.